Monday, October 23, 2006

The Book Fair starts tomorrow!

We're all very excited here - the big day is finally at hand! We look forward to seeing all of you at our booth at the Fair. I'm including the first two days of events below - we'll update the schedule and post reactions to the various happenings as the week progresses.

October 24, 2006 18:00
Opening Ceremony
- Gish Jen will officially open the Fair for the U.S. / Svečano otvaranje - Giš Džen zastupa SADBeogradski sajam, Hala I

October 25, 2006:

Sally Reed and David Carr at the Library Science Forum / Seli Rid i Dejvid Kar na Forumu bibliotekaraBeogradski sajam, Hala XIV, Velika konferencijska sala


Gish Jen's Book Signing - "The Love Wife" / Giš Džen potpisuje knjigu "Žena za ljubav"Beogradski sajam, Hala I, štand IP RAD


Presentation of U.S. Embassy program - Information Resource Center / Prikaz programa Ambasade SAD - Informativno - referalni centarBeogradski sajam, Hala I, Američki štand


Gish Jen at U.S. booth / Giš Džen na američkom štanduBeogradski sajam, Hala I, Američki štand


Yxta Maya Murray at the American Corner KragujevacAmerički kutak Kragujevac, Zorana Đinđića 10/III


A web chat with the composer Aleksandar Simić "Literature and its Influence on Music"/Web chat sa kompozitorom Aleksandrom Simićem na temu "Uticaj književnosti na muziku"Beogradski sajam, Hala I, Američki štand


Blogger Book Fair Staff said...

I have to say that the presentations by Gish Jen have been fascinating. Her work and her philosophy really caught me off guard. I find that the excerpts I have read from her work and the conversations that I have been able to have with her, haunt me in a sense - meaning that I come back to them later and relive them in my head.
What she has written about, the sense of what it is to be "American", what it is to be a "family" - how we define ourselves - or perhaps we are defined by others - who actually defines this passive or active voice during the defining experience - this is all so relevant to life in American today and life in Serbia today. I think that her visit here is delightful and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting other "Typical American Writers" at the book fair.

Elizabeth IAC

12:31 PM  

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