Belgrade Book Fair

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ambassador Polt at the Book Fair

Ambassador Polt participated in the opening press conference of the Book Fair yesterday with Simon Simonovic and Zoran Hamovic from the Book Fair council. He stressed that the Fair is a unique opportunity to show that Serbians and Americans share a love of literature and the arts, and that there are many more things we agree on in our bilateral relationship than on which we disagree.

The Ambassador will also be present tonight at the opening, and we hope that all of you who have a chance to drop by our stand either this evening or any time in the next week. We spent much of the day there yesterday and it really looks amazing!

The Book Fair starts tomorrow!

We're all very excited here - the big day is finally at hand! We look forward to seeing all of you at our booth at the Fair. I'm including the first two days of events below - we'll update the schedule and post reactions to the various happenings as the week progresses.

October 24, 2006 18:00
Opening Ceremony
- Gish Jen will officially open the Fair for the U.S. / Svečano otvaranje - Giš Džen zastupa SADBeogradski sajam, Hala I

October 25, 2006:

Sally Reed and David Carr at the Library Science Forum / Seli Rid i Dejvid Kar na Forumu bibliotekaraBeogradski sajam, Hala XIV, Velika konferencijska sala


Gish Jen's Book Signing - "The Love Wife" / Giš Džen potpisuje knjigu "Žena za ljubav"Beogradski sajam, Hala I, štand IP RAD


Presentation of U.S. Embassy program - Information Resource Center / Prikaz programa Ambasade SAD - Informativno - referalni centarBeogradski sajam, Hala I, Američki štand


Gish Jen at U.S. booth / Giš Džen na američkom štanduBeogradski sajam, Hala I, Američki štand


Yxta Maya Murray at the American Corner KragujevacAmerički kutak Kragujevac, Zorana Đinđića 10/III


A web chat with the composer Aleksandar Simić "Literature and its Influence on Music"/Web chat sa kompozitorom Aleksandrom Simićem na temu "Uticaj književnosti na muziku"Beogradski sajam, Hala I, Američki štand

Sunday, October 22, 2006

An evening with Simic

The literary evening with Charles Simic was a hit! He read 13 poems to a packed house of close to 300, and his couisin recited the translated versions to the attendees which included primary and highschool students from some of the local schools. Some of the pieces he chose were truly moving as they related to the time he spent in Belgrade during and after the war - he painted a stark picture of the city at that time but said how impressed he was at the turnaround over the last ten years or so. It's always amazing to see people complete the circle by traveling by to their country of birth 50 years later.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Charles Simic in Belgrade

We are thrilled to announce that the well-known poet and author Charles Simic is coming to Belgrade, and that he will help us open the new American Corner at Dom Omladinje, and promote our role as host nation at this year's Book Fair. We have brought him here in cooperation with our partners at Stubovi Kulture, and have arranged for a number of appearences in Belgrade and beyond which are listed below. We hope that everyone who is interested has a chance to attend one or all of these events in the coming week.

16.10.06 - 12:00 Book Launch of new publications of Charles Simic by Narodna Knjiga and Otkrovenje Filoloski fakultet, Studentski trg 3, Conference Hall, 1st floor

17.10.06 - 18:30 Opening Ceremony of the American Corner Belgrade Dom omladine, Makedonska 22

18.10.06 - 19:00 Poetry Evening Dvorana Kulturnog centra Beograda, Kolarceva 5

The U.S. is this year's host nation at the Belgrade Book Fair

The United States is proud to be the host nation of the Belgrade Book Fair this year, and we have planned an ambitious program of events for the week of October 24th - 30th. Please check back frequently for program updates, guest columnists and further information. See you at the Fair!